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RANSOMWARE August 01,2017

How do we protect our computers against it? It seems that Ransomware is here to…

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Our Team

Terry J Bright

Terry J Bright


  Born in United Kingdom 1967 Moved to Arizona 2000

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  • Terry is a Focused, well balanced Individual. Is team supportive as well as self motivated, working to a high degree which ever circumstance. He has taken the time and energy to obtain the knowledge and skills to enable him to apply this knowledge in a wide variety of demanding situations. He has never flustered, but always shows drive and willing. He can be a team member, and caring friend. Outsideof the work enviroment, he is a Family man with kind thought for those closest for him. Terry given the Job always gets the job done.

    Brian Ball
    LIW Specialist at AXA Tech
    AXA Tech

    -IT Consultant Recommendation
  • Terry was always a pleasure to work with and provided exceptional training programs to our clients. His work was beyond a doubt superb and he invested above and beyond in prep time to make the classes exceptional.

    Ryan boldan
    Director - Computer Training Center
    Northern Arizona University

    -IT Instructor Recommendation
  • Terry would be a great asset to any organization! He has provided excellent administrative and technological support as IT Director of Noah Webster Basic School. Terry always responds quickly and professionally to any technology needs of the organization, and was a pleasure to work with.

    Gail Soderquist
    Educational Technology
    Summit School of Ahwatukee

    -Technology Teacher Recomendation
  • Terry is the ultimate "get the job done" kind of a guy. He's always reliable and able to prioritize a multitude of tasks. I enjoyed working with him.

    Michael Kirchmaier
    Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships at Hellenic College Holy Cross
    Hellenic College Holy Cross
    Kaplan University

    -Financial Aid Director Recommendation